Having been here in Ashland in March of 2014 and having attended the Chocolate Festival then, I decided to look up an old letter that I sent home to my family and came across an excerpt from my letter as well as a few pictures that I had taken:

” What we did enjoy was the Chocolate Festival itself that weekend. Wow, it was amazing – trust me we were so chocolated’ out that we have not touched chocolate since. There were about 50 stall holders all plying their wares and trust me there was some pretty great chocolate to be had – we attended a Chocolate and Beer class, delicious presented by a very gregarious lady called Ginger who calls her classes “Women drinking Beer!” She was great fun. The other class we had was Chocolate and Travelling. Enough, enough about chocolate…..”

Consider treating yourselves to a wonderful weekend of Chocolate, Food Romance and of course great hospitality at Abigail’s Bed and Breakfast with Breakfast itself designed to tantalize your Chocolate Taste Buds!

Oregon Chocolate Festival 2015 – www.ashlandspringshotel.com

A couple of Chocolate Vendors plus our Chocolate Tasting Class!

It bought back memories of our how the sole purpose of our visit to Ashland that month, was to buy Abigail’s Bed and Breakfast Inn – and we did! It was also the month that we discovered Ashland, Oregon.

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