Abigail Adams Room

Reserve this luxurious room at Abigail’s Bed and Breakfast Inn for your getaway lodging in Southern Oregon’s wine country. Our Abigail Adams Room is appointed in shades of soft blue grey, rose and cream. This lovely room offers a grand Craftsman California king-size bed in which guests can experience the ultimate in luxury. A large window overlooks an old Sycamore tree, and comfortable chairs offer a place to relax with a good book. Your private bath has a full tub and shower. Tea/Coffee facilities along with cable TV are provided for your in room comfort.

Please ensure that you read through our Guidelines when booking.

A Little History…

Our Abigail Adams Room has been named after Abigail Smith Adams who happened to be the wife of the 2nd U.S president, John Adams. She was also mother to the 6th U.S president, John Quincy Adams.

The history of Abigail Smith Adams starts with her marriage to John Adams, a circuit judge, in 1764. Many of their early years together were spent apart. John Adams spent much of his time travelling and this eventually led to him becoming a major player in the American Revolution.

During this time apart, they spent an inordinate amount of time writing to one another, and these letters have become a source of information for us today about the Revolutionary era.

Abigail and John lived briefly in both France and England where John served as a US Ambassador. When John Adams became the country’s first vice-president under George Washington, Abigail struck up a lasting friendship with First Lady Martha Washington.

John Adams finally served as president in 1797. However, after his single term ended in 1801, he retired with Abigail to their home in Quincy, Massachusetts. They had a son, John Quincy, who became president in 1825. Abigail Smith Adams died of typhoid fever in 1818.