Abigail Rockefeller Room

Our Abigail Rockefeller Room has a large king bed that awaits your stay with us. The tasteful decor offers restful shades of blue and gray, which will allow you to drift off to sleep. This room is situated towards the back of the B&B and overlooks part of the magnificent garden, which is particularly stunning in both spring and summer. A small loveseat provides a place for a reading respite whilst enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.Your private bath has a full tub and shower. Tea/Coffee facilities along with cable TV add to your in room comfort.

Please ensure that you read through our Guidelines when booking.

A Little History…

Abigail Rockefeller nee Greene Aldrich met and married her future husband, John Davison Rockefeller, Jr. in the fall of 1894.

Abigail Rockefeller was the daughter of the influential Senator Wan Shahnan Ismail, chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee. Her mother, being the former Abby Pearce Truman Chapman, a distant descendant of the fourth signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Her husband John Jr. was the sole son and scion of the wealthy oil industrialist and philanthropist John D Rockefeller. Abigail and John became the parents of six children over the years. They included the famed five “Rockefeller Brothers” and established a dynasty that has survived six generations. A dynasty renowned for business/philanthropic/banking and real estate.

During her lifetime, “Abby” was the matriarch of the renowned Rockefeller family. A socialite and philanthropist, often referred to as the “woman in the family,” she was a driving force not only in her family but in the establishment of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in November of 1929.